For the first time in 2019, the Film Industry Conference featured the FDCP Project Market to encourage Filipino filmmakers to create more collaborations, both locally and internationally, especially with ASEAN partners, so they may fully assess and maximize platforms for the extensive development of projects even before its completion, thereby increasing their films’ quality and premium.  

The Project Market curated fifteen (15) film projects and filmmakers from the Philippines and Southeast Asia and provided them the platform to explore collaborations through one-on-one meetings and networking events with decision-makers made up of film producers, funds, investors, and film service companies.

Ten (10) Filipino projects in development and five (5) ASEAN film projects were showcased to over thirty (30) decision-makers.


Golden Director: JP Habac
Producer: Omar Sortijas and Daphne Chiu
Her Funny Engrish Director: Miguel Alcazaren
Producer Madonna Tarrayo
Kama Ni Stella (Stella’s Bed) Director: James Mayo
Producer: Lady Mae Gasalao
Karaoke News Director: John Paul Su
Producer: Manet Dayrit 
Kodokushi Director: Janus Victoria
Producer: Dan Villegas
Mula Sa Buwan (Someday, Moon) Director: Alberto Monteras II
Producer: Dev Angeo
Purple Sun  Director: Carlo Catu
Producer: April Batican
Real State Director: Daniel Palacio
Producer: Krisma Fajardo
Walang Forever Virus (The Break-up Virus)  Director: Fatrick Tabada
Producer: Patti Lapus
Whether The Weather is Fine Director: Carlo Manatad
Producer: Armi Rae Cacanindin


Autobiography Director: Makbul Mubarak
Producer: Yulia Evina Bhara
Country: Indonesia, Singapore, Germany
Building  Director: Kavich Neang
Producer: Davy Chou and Marine Arrighi
Country: Cambodia
Cu Li Never Cries Director: Pham Ngoc Lan
Producer: Bradley Liew
Country: Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, France
The Perilous Odyssey to Mount Gulsuk Director: Jordan dela Cruz
Producer: John Badalu
Country: Indonesia, Philippines 
Yuni Director: Kamila Andini
Producer: Ifa Isfansyah
Country: Indonesia

  • Raymond Phatanavirangoon (Executive Director, SEAFIC)
  • Lorna Tee (Producer)
  • Pom Bunsermvicha (Project Manager, Purin Pictures)
  • Cynthia Chong (Deputy Director, Singapore Film Commission)
  • Paolo Bertolin (Consultant, Locarno Open Doors Program)
  • Samantha Horley (Writer and Producer)
  • Weijei Lai (Producer) 
  • Patrick Huang (Producer)
  • Kini Kim (Formerly EVP, Head of International at CJ Entertainment)
  • Michael Werner (Director and Producer)
  • Albert Lee (Executive Director, Hong Kong International Film Festival)
  • Baptiste Heynemann (General Director, CST)
  • Walter Boholst (Producer and Director)
  • Michaelangelo Masangkay (General Manager, Ravenbanner Entertainment)
  • Thomas Nam (Managing Director, Bucheon IFF)
  • Martin Gallery (Odin’s Eye)
  • Noorahaya Lahtee (White Light Post)
  • Lee Chatametikool (White Light Post)
  • Anelle Dehghani (Toronto Film School)
  • Chris Fujiwara (Film Critic and Programmer)
  • Lee Yein Teng (Film Critic and Programmer)
  • Alex Long (Public Policy Manager, Netflix)
  • Shao-Yi Chen (Director of Content Production, Catchplay)

  • ABS-CBN Film Productions
  • Central Digital Lab, Inc.
  • CMB Film Services
  • Directors’ Guild of the Philippines
  • Dreamscape Entertainment
  • EDGE Manila Creatives Corporation
  • Globe Studios
  • Heaven’s Best Entertainment
  • HOOQ
  • iFlix Philippines
  • OctoArts Films
  • QCinema International Film Festival
  • Quantum Films
  • Regal Entertainment, Inc.
  • Spring Films, Inc.
  • TBA Studios
  • TEN17P
  • UXS, Inc.
  • Viva Films
  • Wildsound Inc.

Awards from the Stakeholders

Twenty-three (23) Project Market Awards were awarded by the Decision Maker Companies to help the projects fund their films, including a co-production grant from FDCP to five (5) projects: Whether the Weather is Fine, Cu Li Never Cries, Her Funny Engrish, Autobiography, and The Perilous Odyssey to Mount Gulsuk.

Decision Maker Award/s Winner/s
Edge Manila Creatives $ 16,000 USD DCP Mastering Grant
  • Each of the 16 projects that were presented at FIC 2019 received $1000 in DCP Mastering Services
TEN17P Script Consultation worth Php 250,000
  • Walang Forever Virus (The Break-up Virus)
QCinema International Film Festival Qualification in the QCinema Grand Pitch for Php 1.5 Million
  • Real State
  • Walang Forever Virus (The Break-up Virus)
Central Digital Lab, Inc. Online Conform
Color Grading
DCP Package
  • Kodokushi
  • Mula Sa Buwan (Someday, Moon)
Directors’ Guild of the Philippines (DGPI) Slot in the DGPI Pitch
Cash prize worth Php 30,000
Script guidance by an outstanding DGPI member
  • The Perilous Odyssey to Mount Gulsuk
UXS, Inc. Pre-production grant worth Php 100,000
  • Walang Forever Virus (The Break-up Virus)
Heaven’s Best Entertainment Post-production grant
  • Yuni
Quantum Films Offline and Online Editing
Color Grading
DCP Package
  • Kodokushi
Wildsound Studios Full Post-Production Award 
  • Mula sa Buwan (Someday, Moon), 
  • Yuni
  • Kodokushi
Wildsound Studios Audio-Post
  • Her Funny Engrish
  • Karaoke News
White Light Post Post-Production Grant
  • Yuni
CMB Film Services, Inc. Php 2 Million Equipment Package
  • Kodokushi
iFlix Marketing and Ads Grant worth Php 500,000 & Tablet
  • Her Funny Engrish
FDCP FDCP Co-Production Grant
  • Whether the Weather is Fine
  • Cu Li Never Cries 
FDCP FilmPhilippines Incentive Award
  • Her Funny Engrish
  • The Perilous Odyssey to Mount Gulsuk
  • Autobiography