The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) under the Office of the President of the Philippines was created by virtue of Republic Act No. 9167 (June 7, 2002). The Agency is mandated to formulate and implement policies and programs to upgrade the art and craft of filmmaking and encourage the production of films for commercial purposes, intended for public entertainment, that seek to enhance the quality of life, examine the human and social conditions and contribute to the dignity and nobility of the human spirit and maximize the country’s comparative advantage as a location site for international movie and television making to generate income, promote tourism and enhance the image of the country abroad.

It aims to encourage the film industry to create quality films – from development to production, to distribution and exhibition - and to conduct film-related events that enhance the skills of Filipino talents. The agency also leads the film industry’s participation in domestic and foreign film markets and local and international film festivals to promote and position Philippine cinema to be globally competitive. It is also tasked to preserve and protect films as part of the country’s national cultural heritage through film archiving.

We envision a globally competitive film industry that contributes to the economic development of the country while championing our culture and heritage.


Core Values [ Rise ]

  • RESPECT. We value four things: ourselves, our colleagues, our work, and our office.
  • INTEGRITY. We are complete and united in pursuing our purpose.
  • SERVICE. We serve our country first before ourselves.
  • EMPOWERMENT. We support each other as we strive for growth and development.