FDCP’s CreatePHFilms Funding Program was launched to ensure that the government works with and provides support to filmmakers, producers, and distributors in all stages of filmmaking to complement their efforts to produce quality Filipino films. 

The CreatePHFilms Fund for Small Budget Production is a selective and non-recoupable fund of One Million Pesos (PHP 1,000,000) for the production of Filipino films with an overall production budget of below Fifteen Million Pesos (PHP 15,000,000).

For accepted projects, the first tranche (50%) of the Fund will be released within thirty (30) working days after signing of the Memorandum of Agreement. The second tranche (30%) will be released after the approval of audited liquidation and submission of Final Report, while the final tranche (20%) will be released within thirty (30) working days after the
approval of final audit and submission of the final film and its non-video assets.

Each applicant may submit more than one (1) project per cycle. However, only one (1) project per grantee per cycle may be selected. Projects that will not get selected may only be eligible to reapply for the same funding program only if there are evident major creative and/or financial changes from its first application.


Any Filipino production company duly registered as a business in the Philippines and accredited by the FDCP National Registry for Companies: Click Here

2024 Application Period

Cycle 1: February 12 - March 15, 2024

Cycle 2: TBA