Spotlight on Background Actors: FDCP to Host Culmination of Acting Workshop on Chubbuck Technique


MANILA, PHILIPPINES, MAY 2, 2022 — As part of the culmination of its Bubog at Karga: Acting Workshop on the Chubbuck Technique for Background Actors and Talents, the The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP)  will be holding an exclusive acting showcase for the participants on May 5, 2022 at the Cinematheque Center Manila.

After the 14-week rigorous online training on the cutting edge and internationally adopted acting method, Chubbuck Technique, twenty five (25) selected talents are set to showcase their skills and learnings to an audience. 

The workshop entitled, “Bubog at Karga” is an introductory acting workshop specifically designed for background actors under the mentorship of Director Rahyan Carlos, the only Filipino accredited to teach the Chubbuck Technique. Director Carlos, with his extensive experience in the entertainment industry, heads the Training and Workshops of ABS-CBN’s talent management arm, Star Magic Philippines.

Among Director Carlos’s former students who underwent the same course of training were Coco Martin, Paulo Avelino, Megan Young, Jessy Mendiola, Joshua Garcia, Christian Bables who just recently received a Best Actor award abroad, and many other recognized Filipino actors.

The Chubbuck Technique is an acting technique used by Oscar-winning performers in Hollywood as pioneered by renowned acting coach, Ivanna Chubbuck. Given her 35 years in mentoring actors, she has created a creative philosophy used by some of the well-loved celebrities such as Brad Pitt, James Franco, Halle Berry, Ian Somerhalder, and Beyoncé, among others.

Director Carlos defines their craft in powerful words, “Acting is all about 3 things: Hardwork, hardwork, and hardwork! I always tell my students, acting is a lifestyle of learning. You are just as good as your last work!”

Through FDCP’s National Registry, the acting workshop opened its call for background actors early this year, and commenced the weekly online classes last February 7, 2022. And as the workshops comes to a close, the participants will be given a scene by their acting coach to master to be presented in the recital. 

“As a former student of Direk Rahyan, it is heart-warming to take part in the endeavor of molding another generation of brilliant actors and actresses. Through this program of the National Registry, we aim to amplify background actors for bigger opportunities and be an aid to their professional careers. While it is true that acting is about passion and talent, it is also about continuous learning and hard work. Retooling our background actors' skills is empowering them to face the challenges of the competitive and evolving entertainment industry. It also decreases and lessens their vulnerabilities as workers.” FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño shares.

Bubog at Karga is first of the three-part workshop series of FDCP’s National Registry on learning the Chubbuck Technique. An upcoming workshop open for writers, directors and producers, and another for professional actors are in the works. The FDCP National Registry is still accepting applications, registration forms are accessible through these links: Lights, Camera, Action!: Directing Actors using the Chubbuck Technique (Directors, Producers, Writers) and The Power of Training: An Acting Masterclass for Professional Actors on the Chubbuck Technique.