fund for LARGE BUDGET production

CreatePHFilms Funding Program was launched to ensure that the government works with and provides support to filmmakers, producers, and distributors in all stages of filmmaking to complement their efforts to produce quality Filipino films. We look for screenplays and projects with the potential to become great Filipino films with an appeal to local and international audiences, representing the best of Filipino filmmaking.

The CreatePHFilms Fund for Large Budget Production is a selective equity investment fund of Three to Five Million Pesos (P 3,000,000.00 to P 5,000,000.00) for the production of Filipino films with an overall production budget of at least Fifteen Million Pesos (P 15,000,000.00). Projects with an overall production budget below Fifteen Million Pesos (P 15,000,000.00) may apply to the CreatePHFilms Fund for Small Budget Production.


Any Filipino production company duly registered as a business in the Philippines and accredited by the FDCP National Registry for Companies: Click Here

1. Must have a Filipino director;

2. Must be a narrative mid (at least 40 to 79 minutes) to feature-length film (at least 80 minutes);

3. Must be a work of fiction, documentary, or animation;

4. Must be in English or different Filipino languages;

5. Must have a production-ready script or treatment (if documentary);

6. Must have an overall production budget of at least Fifteen Million Pesos (P 15,000,000.00);

7. Must have a financing plan;

8. Must be ready to commence principal photography within six (6) to eight (8) months upon application;

9. Must secure an insurance policy for the production cast and crew, and for public liability;

10. Must have a plan for theatrical, VOD, and/or festival release within the Philippines;

11. Must target a distribution guarantee or deal memorandum for theatrical, VOD, and/or festival release in the Philippines. The Project must target domestic audiences; and

12. Must apply for the first time to the CreatePHFilms Fund for Large Budget Production, but may have applied before to the CreatePHFilms Fund for Script Development and/or Project Development.

1. Must be any Filipino production company duly registered as business in the Philippines serving as the producer of the Project;

2. Must hold or share the intellectual property rights of the Project;

3. Must have all necessary rights to develop, produce, and distribute the film;

4. Must be duly registered at the FDCP National Registry for Companies (NRC);

5. Must be willing to have the theatrical Philippine premiere of their film (for example: as opening or closing film) at the FDCP’s organized film festival, Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino, or in a similar FDCP-partnered or supported project; and

6. Must not have any overdue obligations from any FDCP assistance or funding programs.

1. Make sure that you have read and understood the terms of these General Guidelines as well as the relevant information on CreatePHFilms Fund for Large Budget Production Guidelines on Eligible Expenses and the CreatePHFilms Fund for Large Budget Production Information Sheet on the expectations and deliverables of the Grantees.

If you have any questions or clarifications, the CreatePHFilms Secretariat is here to help. Please email [email protected]

2. If the terms of the Fund are acceptable to you and when you are ready to apply, download the “Call for Application” folder that includes the guidelines and the latest application form of the Fund from Please make sure that you peruse the latest guidelines and application forms as these are regularly updated on the website.

3. Fill in and submit the CreatePHFilms Fund for Large Budget Production - Call for Application Form and all required documents to [email protected] during one (1) of the two (2) application cycles per year. Please be guided by the following:

a. Application and other forms must be supplied in English or Filipino only.

b. Submit the soft copy of the full application with the subject field labeled: CPHFilms -LBP - CALL FOR APPLICATION - [Project Title].

c. When submitting your fully accomplished application, all documents including attachments/annexes must be grouped into into a single PDF file (except for the Application Form which should be in the Word Format and submitted separately from the PDF File) with all annexes grouped and labeled with the name of the Project in all capital letters (compress the file size to around 10MB if possible) or a file-sharing link well-organized with all the annexes properly named as per the requirement checklist and the name of your Project.

d. DO NOT send any element or item from your application individually or in separate emails. The CreatePHFilms Secretariat will disregard these and consider your application incomplete.

e. The official date of submission will be the date the CreatePHFilms Secretariat confirms that your application requirements are complete.

4. The CreatePHFilms Secretariat will verify all the documents and may ask you to provide further supporting documents, should it be decided that the submitted documents contain inadequate details.

5. Once the application is verified complete, please send the hard copy of your signed and notarized Statutory Declaration.

6. After confirming the completion of the application, the CreatePHFilms Secretariat will submit the applicant’s Project to the CreatePHFilms Selection Committee for review and consideration.

2022 Application Period

Cycle 1:December 3, 2021-March 3, 2022, 6:00PM

Cycle 2: July-September 2022

1. Degree to which the work promotes the Philippine culture and territory;

2. Degree to which the production contributes to the Philippine film industry’s economic development;

3. Financial strength and stability of the Project;

4. Degree to which the Project encourages diversity and inclusion;

5. Distribution potential through festivals, theatrical release and other platforms in order to reach domestic audiences;

6. Quality of the team and talent, script, producer and production company, scriptwriter and director attached to the Project; and

7. Proposal on where the applicant intends to spend the Fund.