SineSaysay has two categories: the Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab and the Feature Documentary Showcase.

What is the SineSaysay Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab?

This is geared towards emerging filmmakers working on their first and second full-length documentary feature films, with the passion and vision for filmmaking and telling real stories of our people's past, struggles, and victories. There will be an open call for pitches for qualified applicants. Six (6) project proposals will be selected and each team's director and producer shall serve as fellows of the Documentary Lab. Through a series of meetings and workshops, the Lab will expose the fellows to the world of documentary filmmaking in the Philippines by introducing them to the film professionals who can advise them on both the craft and business of documentary filmmaking while providing support and insights as they ready their projects for production.

What is the SineSaysay Feature Documentary Showcase?

Now more than ever, we need documentaries that reflect our actual stories and their many facets and perspectives. The tradition of documentaries made by brave filmmakers is a tradition of truth and acceptance of reality. This format is as moving and thoughtful as it is informative and educational and the Filipino audience could certainly benefit from a widening of perspective of this type of filmmaking. Through the Feature Documentary Showcase, FDCP and NHCP hope to bring documentary filmmaking closer to the Filipino people by tapping our top local documentary filmmakers and broadening their application of not just craft, but of the stories that they tell.