What is the SineSaysay Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab?

This is geared towards emerging filmmakers working on their first and second full-length documentary feature films, with the passion and vision for filmmaking and telling real stories of our people's past, struggles, and victories. There will be an open call for pitches for qualified applicants. Six (6) project proposals will be selected and each team's director and producer shall serve as fellows of the Documentary Lab. Through a series of meetings and workshops, the Lab will expose the fellows to the world of documentary filmmaking in the Philippines by introducing them to the film professionals who can advise them on both the craft and business of documentary filmmaking while providing support and insights as they ready their projects for production.

The six chosen projects in the Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab will be given a seed money of One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00) to create their 10-20 minute short films representing the fellow's vision for their projects.

Getting funding for film production is a real challenge especially for emerging filmmakers today. This crucial element spells the difference between finishing one's film and halting its development altogether.

With the Bagong Sibol Production Fund, filmmakers will be given the push they need to keep moving forward with their projects. The Production Fund will provide up to Seven Hundred Thousand Pesos (P700,000.00) in production and post-production funding to two (2) selected projects from the Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab to complete their full feature documentary films. Activities for the Fund may include travel, shooting, editing, and related to mid-to-completion production activities.

The selection of the two (2) projects to receive the production fund will be done during an Industry Pitch Showcase where Lab fellows will be representing their pitch with their short films to an audience and a Selection Committee. A Closing Ceremony will follow where the projects will be awarded with Seven Hundred Pesos (P700,000.00) each to produce the feature versions of their documentary projects.

STORIES. We are looking for projects in development that are compelling, authentic, and focusing on often-unvisited events in our history that helped shape our country to what it is today.

Projects must have the unique power to inspire a sense of nationalism in our audiences so they would give value to our history and be motivated to be the change that they want in our country.

TOPICS. Our Philippine History is too diverse to be limited to a particular topic. The projects can be of any historical relevance as long as a historian is consulted to verify the story's facts and authenticity. Here are themes that proponents may want to consider:

  • Islam, the Bangsamoro and the quest for peace in Mindanao
  • Feminist Movements in the Philippines
  • World War II in the Philippines
  • 150th Anniversary of Emilio Aguinaldo

However, we are open to receiving other relevant themes as long as they are written in the context of Philippine History and with significant impact to our country today

  • Applicants must be Filipino citizens or of Filipino descent and at least 18 years of age.
  • Applicants must be working on their first or second full length documentary feature. Students are welcome to apply.
  • Each applicant must identify a historian as a consultant for their project.

Applicants may submit up to two (2) projects for consideration.

In order to qualify for the Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab, applicants must comply with all of the following requirements. Failure to comply with these rules will render submissions ineligible.

All submitted entries must be strictly original, and all references to written or published works must be properly cited with permissions.

All submissions must include the following:

  • Completed online application form
  • Scanned copy of passport / any government-issued ID (1)
  • The requested materials to be submitted all together in one PDF:
    • Project synopsis (1 page maximum) & treatment (10 pages maximum)
    • Director's intention note (3 pages maximum)
    • Materials informing about the audio-visual approach: stills video, mood board, etc.
    • Rough outline of production budget (financial plan) and other possible funding sources for the film
    • CV of the filmmaker (2 pages maximum)
    • (Optional) One (1) previous audio-visual work (30 minutes maximum), a link of this must be submitted with password via Vimeo.

Projects will be selected from an open call submissions. All completed applications will be considered for selection. Weight will be given to projects that best fulfill the mission of the program and based on the submitted work and strength of proposal. A pre-selection will be done by a Selection Committee comprised of notable talents in the field. Fifteen (15) entries will be shortlisted and will have the chance to pitch in front of the Committee. Out of the shortlisted finalists, six (6) projects will be chosen to participate in the Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab. They will be given One Hundred Thousand Pesos (P100,000.00) as seed money to develop their 10-20-minute version of their project.

The fellows from the shortlisted projects will undergo the Lab program which will culminate with an Industry Pitch Showcase where they will be presenting their pitches and short film treatments of their projects. Of these, two (2) selected projects will be granted the Bagong Sibol Production Fund (BSPF) in the amount of Seven Hundred Thousand Pesos (P700,000.00) to produce the feature versions of their project.

In return for the financial contribution of the Showcase, the projects must comply with the following:

  • Recognition of the FDCP and NHCP support by placing the logo of the fund on the credits of the final documentary and all publicity materials. Specific details will be described in a separate agreement
  • Worldwide non-exclusive, non-commercial rights in all media platforms to the film, However, FDCP/NHCP will take into consideration all prior arrangements made by the applicant with various broadcasters and film festivals.
  • Philippine premiere of the final documentary in an FDCP-led event.
  • The right to screen the final documentary in any FDCP or NHCP-related (non-commercial) screenings.

All applications must be accomplished online through fdcp.ph/sinesaysay.

There is no entry fee for projects submitted to Bagong Sibol Documentary Lab.

Submission of entries is open from December 10, 2017 to February 23, 2018, 7:00 PM.