What is CineMarya?

CineMarya is a Women’s Film Festival that will challenge Filipino filmmakers in creating relevant women-centered short-films that intends to inspire and empower women and men alike to make gender sensitization the way of life of every Filipino.

This festivity is in pursuant of the Presidential Proclamation No. 227 series of 1988, prescribing the annual conduct of the National Women’s Month Celebration in honor of Filipino women and their contributions in shaping families and societies.


Film Festival

After the production and developmental process of the ten (10) short films, a 3-day festivity of love for art and women will be celebrated through the following proposed activities for CineMarya Film Festival 2019:

  • Screening of the Opening Film
  • Jury Presentation
  • Recognition and Awarding
  • Women’s Conference – Women from different walks of life will be invited to preside and give talks.
  • Women of Marawi and their Rehab
  • Screening of the ten 10 short films – Cine Lokal & Cinematheque Center Manila