FDCP Member Benefits

SSS Coverage

Film workers who are FDCP Members are entitled to SSS Coverage for protection against the hazards of sickness, maternity (for female members), disability, old age, death, and other contingencies resulting from loss of income or financial burden. FDCP will provide nationwide on-site SSS/Unified Muliti-Purpose ID (UMID) registration and monitoring through Account Officers (AO), and will conduct orientation seminars to improve awareness on the different programs concerning their welfare.

PhilHealth Coverage

FDCP will facilitate the membership, annual collection of premiums and availing of services of all self-employed film workers under the FDCP National Registry. FDCP will serve as the umbrella 'company' that ensures the activation of PhilHealth members registered under FDCP through the IGroup Enrollment Program.

Pag-IBIG Fund Coverage

FDCP memberes will be registered under Pag-IBIG and will be able to avail of Multi-Purpose Loans, Calamity Loans, and Affordable Housing Programs and the Pag_IBIG Loyalty Card.

PFESO Database for Foreign Productions

FDCP members will be part of the Philippine Film Export Services Office database to be presented to foreign productions in need of local talents and coordinators.

Access to FDCP Programs


FDCP members will have access to FDCP programs such as workshops, film markets, conferences and festivals. By being part of the FDCP mailing list, they will receive updates on FDCP and the film industry, including job opportunities and professional development programs.

Involment in the drafting of the Magna Carta for Film Workers

FDCP Members will be able to participate in the drafting of the Magna Carta for Film Workers by providing their inputs through sector consultations, focus group discussions and surveys in a new 'crowdsourcing' approach to policy-making. The Magna Carta for Film Workers, spearheaded by FDCP, is a policy for the workers by the workers to protect and promote their rights and interests as employed and/or self-employed film workers of the film industry.

FDCP Grievance Committee

The FDCP Grievance Committee will be readily available to FDCP members to provide free legal consultations and discuss concerns through the Complaints Desk. In partnership with the Public Attorney's Office, working conditions, and other ethical complaints that may arise amongst wokers upon assessment of the Letter of Complaint lodge by FDCP member.

Eligibility Requirements for Membership


Actors, which include pricipal actors, background actors, stunt doubles and dubbers should present a well-documented proof of engagement in five (5) projects within three (3) yesr prior to registration


Executive producers, supervising producers, line producers and production associates should present a well-documented proof of engagement in two (2) projects within three (3) years prior to registration.


TV Directors, commercial and independent film directors, and assistant directors (including 2nd assistant directors) should present a well-documented proofof of engagement in two (2) major projects within three (3) years prior to registration. Exceptions can be made for TV directors who have been engaged or are currently engaged in one project, given that they have been involve in the project for majority of three-year period prior to registration.


Production staff, which include production managers, location managers, personal assistants and artist coordinators should present a well-documented proof of engagement in three (3) projects within three (3) year prior to registration.


Technical workers such as editors, cameramen and cinematographers, lighting directors, focus pullers, gaffers, assistant cameramen, grips, boom men, sound recordists, sound engineers and all other workers operating devices and equipments within a production should present a well-documented proof if engagement in three (3) projects within three (3) years prior to registration.


Creatives and members of the artistic team, which include writers, production designers, art directors, composers, music scorers, associate production desiners, set men, props men, make-up/prosthetics artists and assistant hair and make-up artists, costume designers, stylists, wardrobe mistresses and assistants should present a well-documented proof of engagement in two (2) projects within three (3) years prior to registration.