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Singapore’s Cultural Contribution to ASEAN Film Awareness Month

This March, Singapore’s multi-ethnic and colorful culture is represented by two films. These include a romantic drama and patriotic anthology which each take a different approach towards sharing the values that the nation holds dear.  

The first film is My Beloved Dearest by Sanif Olek. This is Olek’s first feature film after working mostly in television production.  It is about a domestic helper, Murni, charged with the care of a crippled old widower, Pak Harun. Although they find themselves alone together in a large house, the two struggle to get along. Murni tries to cook Harun’s favorite traditional dishes in vain. She soon learns his deep grief over his wife’s passing, plays a large role in his disagreeable demeanor. There is a great mood of longing in this film as both characters feel trapped. Harun is half-paralyzed in his wheelchair and Murni is homesick for her own village. Singaporean heritage plays a big role in uniting the two as seen in the traditional dish that Murni keeps trying to replicate, as well as the ballads she sings around the house.

The second film, 7 Letters, was created with the full support of the Singapore Film Commission who assigned 7 filmmakers to create an anthology of films to honor the Golden Jubilee of the Lion City. The talented and diverse group is made up of Eric Khoo, Jack Neo, Royston Tan, K. Rajogopal, Tan Pin Pin, Kelvin Tong and Boo Junfeng. Although 7 Letters offers a dynamic range of cinematic style, it is tied together by sentimentality towards Singaporean landmarks, values and traditions. Each filmmaker uses their voice to bring honor to the journey Singapore has gone through since its independence from Malaysia. In an interview, Singapore Film Commission director, Joachim Ng, said “We are confident that the universal themes in the film will also resonate with audiences beyond Singapore and do well on an international stage.”

The films will be shown free of charge along with other Southeast Asian film selections from March 1 to April 3, 2016, at the Cinematheque Centre Manila, and screen with English subtitles.Certain films will be shown at an outdoor screenings, and some will be graced by the presence of their filmmakers for a Q&A session. Film schedules and details are available on our social media channels and on the FDCP website, http://www.fdcp.ph/contents/view?id=cinemathequemanila.

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