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Sineng Pambansa National Film Festival 2013 Masters Edition films to screen at the Cinematheque Manila this January 2016

Screening alongside canon heritage films and essential Danish movies at the Cinematheque Centre Manila this January 2016 are the works of several of the country’s legendary contemporary filmmakers, all in celebration of the Cinematheque’s inauguration. In 2013 the Film Development Council of the Philippines presented several accomplished film directors with grants to tell their stories in their respective hometowns, spinning yarns that delight, provoke, and inspire. This January 2016, three of these films return to grace the Cinematheque screen.

One of these fine works is Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes’s poetic and graceful Sonata (2013). Sonata is the story of two unlikely friends: shut-in retired opera singer Regina, shamed to have lost her voice, and young, playful Jonjon, who has been uprooted from the city and brought to Negros, anxious but curious to discover the country and a budding companionship with Regina.


Chito Roño’s Badil (2013), a gritty view into small-town politics also shows to Manila audiences this January. In Badil, a young man, Lando, becomes resigned to replacing his ill father in his duties, a lackey to their small Samar barangay’s incumbent mayor and a warden to the mayor’s backers, making sure that their votes are unswayed by other candidates’ vote buying and seeing into the cutthroat government.


The last of the three films by the masters is Lauriana (2013) by Mel Chionglo. Based off a true story from Chionglo’s childhood, fifties period thriller Lauriana revolves around Samuel, a soldier, who finds passion and solace in Lauriana, a nightclub dancer. What begins as infatuation soon becomes obsession, and Lauriana becomes torn with her hope for a better future from abusive Samuel, their story becoming one of violence and redemption.

The films will run from January 8th to the 20th of 2016 at the Cinematheque Theatre Manila. All Masters 2013 films will be screened free of charge and have English subtitles. Film schedule and details are available on the FDCP website, fdcp.ph.

Film schedules and details are available here.

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