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Argentenian Films to be Shown in February at the Cinematheque

After the establishment of the first ever Argentine Film Festival held in Shangrila Plaza last October 2015, the Embassy of Argentina partners again with the Cinematheque Centre Manila to present a select number of Argentine films to the Filipino audience for the month of February.
The films included are Dia de Venilo, Los Marziano, La Corporacion, La Reina and El Escarabajode Oro. Each story gives the audience a different look into the colorful world of Argentinean cinema.
Gabriel Nesci’s Dias de Vinilo (Vinyl Days) is a romantic comedy about four men brought together by their love of rock and roll vinyl and women. The dynamic of their group is turned upside down when a member of their group decides to get married.
Ana Katz’s Los Marziano is a film that deals with the universal subject matter of family traditions and relations. A sister uses an upcoming birthday reunion to push for the reconciliation of her estranged brothers.
La Reina (The Queen) is a highly awarded short documentary by filmmaker and cinematographer  Manuel Abramovich. The documentary is about an 11 year old girl, Memi, whose family is determined to see her win the local carnival beauty pageant. Memi’s reaction to the extravagant preparations are carefully captured by Abramovich. His short documentary has been awarded Best Short Film at the Melbourne Film Festival in 2014 and Best Documentary Short at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival to name a few.
Fabian Forte’s La Corporacion (The Corporation) is a dark satire about corporate culture. At a glance, Felipe seems to be living an idyllic life with a thriving business and beautiful wife. This all begins to unravel when Felipe proposes to bring a child into the picture.
El Escarabajo de Oro (The Golden Bug) was co-directed by Argentenian filmmaker Alejo Moguillansky and Swedish auteur Fia-Stina Sandlund. It is based loosely on Edgar Allan Poe’s story ‘The Golden Bug’ and revolves around a crazy road trip and  treasure hunt. This won Best Argentinean film at the recent Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema.
 The Films have English subtitles and the admission is FREE, made possible by the Embassy of Argentina, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, and the Film Cultural Exchange Program.

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