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ASEAN Film Awareness Month Offers Contemporary Films from Myanmar

Myanmar has a rich film history, despite the country’s past of heavy censorship as well as limited resources for preserving their cinema. As their country opens up to the rest of the world, we are treated to the wonders of their colorful culture and traditions, having been preserved through the ages. Myanmar continues to modernize and take on new forms of media and expression–of their contemporary films, two make the Cinematheque Manila screen.

Successor of Merits by U Htun Kyi tackles religious conviction vis-a-vis familial ties in the predominantly Buddhist Myanmar. The story revolves around an only son who wants to go to the Buddhist monastery and embrace the monkhood, even though it is against his parents’ will. The film gives a look into the typical Myanma family, and how religion affects its people and the core social unit deeply.

Also an interestingly ethnological film from filmmaker Aung Ko Latt is Kayan Beauties. A story of misfortune, mystery, and perseverance, Kayan Beauties follows three Kayan women and a girl hailing from a remote village in Myanmar going to the distant city of Taunggyi to sell their crafts. A twist of fate occurs when their young companion gets kidnapped by human traffickers, and the rest try desperately to get her back to safety. The film is a collaborative effort from director and cinematographer Aung Ko Latt and screenwriter Hector Carosso, both being executive producers of the film. Kayan Beauties is also Aung Ko Latt’s first feature film to be released internationally.

The films will be shown free of charge along with other Southeast Asian film selections from March 1 to April 3, 2016, at the Cinematheque Centre Manila, and screen with English subtitles. Certain films will be shown at outdoor screenings, and some will be graced by the presence of their filmmakers for a Q&A session. Film schedules and details are available on our social media channels and on the FDCP website, http://www.fdcp.ph/contents/view?id=cinemathequemanila.


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