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More Master Directors’ Works This February 2016 at the Cinematheque Manila


The Master directors return for Arts Month this February 2016 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila! Along with restored heritage works, Argentine movies, and products of past Sineng Pambansa Festivals, films from the All-Masters Edition of Sineng Pambansa 2013 screen at the Cinematheque Theatre from February 2 to 28.


The Sineng Pambansa All-Masters Edition gave established and acclaimed film directors the chance to give cinematic life to their own stories, focusing on their hometowns and life experiences. This February, seven of these stories are showcased at the Cinematheque.



The tale of an aging maid is front and center in Jose Javier Reyes’ masterful drama, Ano Ang Kulay ng Nakalimutang Pangarap? In it, the fate of Teresa, who has spent sixty years as a nanny to a middle-class family, grows uncertain when the family matriarch passes away. Her now grown-up children fly in from abroad and must decide Teresa’s fate as they move on with their lives.


Maryo J. de los Reyes’s melodrama, Bamboo Flowers, is set in beautiful Bohol. The film follows the provincial lives of families whose problems come to the fore. They struggle to survive in the bucolic town, their dreams mimicking the bamboo flowers that bloom before the plant dies.


Joel Lamangan’s Lihis is a stirring story of two young idealists from the New People’s Army in a dark ‘70s Philippines, along with the activists who fight alongside them. They passionately battle for their beliefs in the war against tyranny, and discover an attraction that springs between them: a cause they are unsure about fighting for.


An allegory on the creative process, Otso is a wild trip from the mind of Elwood Perez. The film’s lead is young screenwriter Lex, who returns to Manila from the US to find his roots and settles into a rented tenement apartment. He ends up crafting a script, spurred on by his neighbors’ cryptic, intriguing lives, and reality and fiction begin to blur together.


Screening again with these films are works also screened this past inauguration month - films by fellow masters Peque Gallaga, Lore Reyes, Chito Roño, and Mel Chionglo.


Gallaga’s and Reyes’s poetic Sonata is the story of two unlikely friends. There is the retired opera singer Regina, shamed to have lost her voice, and the young, playful Jonjon, who has been uprooted from the city and brought to Negros, anxious but curious to discover the country and create a budding companionship with Regina.


Roño’s Badil is a gritty view into small-town cutthroat politics. A young man, Lando, becomes resigned to replacing his ill father in his duties, becoming a lackey to their small Samar barangay’s incumbent mayor, and a warden to the mayor’s backers, ensuring that votes stay unswayed by the corruption of other candidates.


Chionglo’s Lauriana is a fifties period thriller revolving around Samuel, a soldier, who finds passion and solace in Lauriana, a nightclub dancer. What begins as infatuation soon becomes obsession, and Lauriana becomes torn with her hope for a better future from abusive Samuel. Their story is one of violence and redemption.

The films run from February 2nd to 28th, 2016 at the Cinematheque Centre Manila. All Masters films have English subtitles and are screened with a ticket cost of P100. Cinemathequ

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